About Us

Table Rock Tea Company, Ltd. is artisan Tea Grown in the United States!  Our US Grown, Uniquely American Tea ® is raised right here in the heart of Upstate, South Carolina. Nestled along the Cherokee Foothills at the base of Table Rock Mountain, our climate offers the ideal location for growing premium, hand-crafted tea.  Our rare, mountain-grown tea is made using the best of both traditional and modern methods.  The results are brilliantly fresh, exquisitely complex teas worthy of the most distinguished of palates.....YOURS !​

Our founders, Steve and Jennifer Lorch, are also the founders of Hydromissions International, so our roots for giving to those in need run deep here at Table Rock Tea Company.  We are committed to giving 10% of ALL sales to charitable outreaches, particularly ones that lift those at highest risk out of poverty or dangerous situations.  We are also building up funds to one day launch OpportuniTea.Org.  This is not a limited event – this is for the entire duration of our company.  That means every box of tea, every mug, every bandana – it all helps provide an OpportuniTea to those who need it most.  Thanks for helping us honor God through your support.  Grace and Peace to you from us here at Table Rock Tea Company

Welcome to our adventure, and thanks for supporting U.S. Grown tea!