Co-Processing Services

Current Pricing*


-Bagging: $5/sku setup + 7.5 cents/bag. Ready product provided by customer with desired weights per tea bag specified.  Our bags are unbleached, FDA approved, no strings, tags or foil (look for those options to become available VERY SOON!)

-Milling/Grinding/Powdering: $10/sku setup + $2.00/lb (rounded up). Dried and ready product provided by customer.  We can grind any dried herbal product from roots to leaves in a variety of sizes for loose or bagged.  Fine powdering (matcha style) also available @ $15/sku setup +$2.00/lb (rounded up), max of 10 lbs per sku.

-Blending: $10 mixer setup (if used), +$5/sku per each 20 lb (rounded up). Ready ingredients and recipes (by weight, metric preferred) provided by customer.  We sign NDAs, so don't worry - your secrets are safe with us!  Save on shipping by having your individual ingredients sent directly to us!

-Pouching/Jarring: $10/sku setup +$0.50/pouch or jar (supplied by customer) including heat sealing.

-Sifting: $10/sku setup +$2.00/lb (rounded up).  Stems may be re-ground and re-sifted (rerun grinding & sifting rates apply).

-Moisture Content Analysis: $5/batch lot number.  Some FDA storage guidelines prefer % moisture calculations.  We use a lab grade halogen meter for precision readings.

-Product Development:  Product/service specific.  We help you streamline your recipes and processes so you can scale to the next level.  Typical R&D rates are $30/hour.  Call us to discuss production needs.

-Consulting:  Need some serious one-on-one expert help with your tea or herbal business?  $60/hr (phone, email) or onsite $450/day plus travel, lodging & meals.   

-Certified Organic.  Need certified organic processing services?  We are looking into that now.  If we decide to do it, there will most likely be a small upcharge (0.5%) to cover certification fees and extra terminal cleaning procedures.

*Additional services are available upon request.  Open communication and customer satisfaction are our goal. Prices are subject to change, but we will post them here.

We Can Help You!

Thank you for choosing Table Rock Tea Company, Ltd. as your co-processing partner. We specialize in small batch, no minimum run services for dried herbal, spice, and tea products.  Need help with product development?  We do that too!  We serve many tea and herb clients across the US, and we keep it confidential.

Herbalists?  We are herbalist-friendly and are happy to talk with you about tincturing, powdering, capsules and hydrosols.


Table Rock Tea Company, Ltd.

is a FSMA/GMP compliant FDA/USDA registered food processing facility.